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Ring Sizing


First of all, make sure your fingers are normal sized before you measure as being too hot or cold can affect the size of your fingers. If your ring size isn’t shown on the chart or is not available, please get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to discuss a custom order with you.

Method 1: Measuring your finger

Wrap a thin strip of paper of piece of string around your ring finger at the base of the knuckle and mark where the paper/string crosses over, making sure that the fit is snug. Lay the paper/string flat and with a ruler, measure the distance from the start of the string to the mark in mm and check the chart to see what your ring size is (inside circumference measurement).

Method 2: Taking the measurement from a ring you already own.

Simply measure the inside diameter of the ring in mm and check the measurement against the chart.


Method 3: use one of our handy ring sizers.

Ring sizers are available to purchase here for £1.50 with free postage: